ShowChrome 52-925 - LAMPGARD GL1800 - 2018

LAMPGARD GL1800 - 2018 52-925

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52-925 ShowChrome LAMPGARD ™ PHARE, Protecteur Acrylique, Convient GL1800 Goldwing 2018-, Fabriqué aux Etats-Unis.

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  • LAMPGARD GL1800 - 2018 52-925
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Description du Produit

With 25 years of experience with their LampGard™ Headlight protectors, Big Bike Parts® adds the 2018 Goldwing to its touring fitments. With headlights getting more sophisticated, the new Goldwing is no exception and the replacement on a cracked assembly could set you back $1,500 or more. Protect it with a hard Acrylic LampGard™ that attaches with custom hook and loop fasteners for ease of cleaning and impact absorption. Sold as pair and with custom high heat adhesive on the attached hook and loop, they will not slide, move or come loose.

LAMPGARD™ HEADLIGHT, Protector Acrylic, Fits GL1800 Goldwing 2018-, Made in USA 

AnnéeGoldwing GL1800 modèles 2012, 2016



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